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Key Links offering different twists on the news:

Global Hemp is the most up to date current news.

Hemp Report is more technical and done on a quarterly basis.


Letter to Industrial Hemp Advocates
Inviting supporters to attend the NAIHC Annual Meeting, Erwin A. "Bud" Sholts, Chairman, writes: "New faces in higher places in Washington are open to considering the commercialization of industrial hemp."

Global Hemp News Updates On-Line
The Global Hemp site's news updates include links to the latest articles on legislative efforts to legalize industrial hemp growing in the U.S.

Reports 'Hemp a Hit on the Hill'

Congress got a taste of gourmet hemp foods when Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) introduced federal legislation, the Industrial Hemp Farming Act, to make it legal once again to grow industrial hemp in the U.S.A. As part of the festivities, Ralph Nader, the former presidential candidate and veteran consumer advocate, was on hand to support the legislation. Under the headline “Hemp a Hit on the Hill,” Capitol Hill’s Roll Call newspaper reported that Nader “pointed out that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson both grew hemp.”  Roll Call quoted Congressman Ron Paul as telling the crowd gathered for the bill launching that “the Industrial Hemp Farming Act would be a step toward freedom.”

Canadian '05 Industrial Hemp Conference Sept. 29-30
The Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance/ Alliance Commerciale Canadienne du Chanvre (CHTA/ACCC) holds its 2005 Industrial Hemp conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba Sept. 29th-30th.
“2005 has been a striking year for industrial Hemp in Canada,” says Arthur Hanks, Executive Director, CHTA. “In response to strong prices and robust demand we have seen licensed hemp acreage jump almost to 20,000 acres, both conventional and certified organic. Opportunities are being seized with hemp and this year’s conference will have information about all the borders we are crossing: in trade, in food nutrition, fiber development, and the regulatory environment.” Full Details.

Raleigh Newspaper Reports on Industrial Hemp
“In June, a Texas congressman introduced legislation to legalize the growing of hemp in the United States for the first time since 1937. Hemp products are legal in the United States, but growing hemp is not. . . To hear advocates tell it, hemp is a gold mine. It grows almost anywhere without fertilizers or pesticides. Its fibers can be used to make a variety of products, such as auto parts, bleach-free paper and high-quality fabric. Its seeds are a nutritious snack or a source of luxurious oil.” Click Here to read the full article in The News & Observer of Raleigh, North Carolina. 

California Industrial Hemp Farming Act Testimony
California is one of 26 states which have introduced hemp legislation. After committee hearings held April 27, 2005, it could become the fifteenth state to pass such legislation. This includes five states which have legalized industrial hemp. Click here for testimony before the California Assembly Agriculture Committee on AB 1147 which would authorize hemp farming under state license.

Former Kentucky Governor on Hemp
In 2001, former Kentucky Governor Louie B. Nunn explained why after learning the facts, he decided to support reintroducing industrial hemp as a legal crop in the United States. In his  commentary published by The Lexington Herald-Leader, Gov. Nunn  wrote that "
I was opposed to the legalization of hemp for years because I had been of the opinion that hemp was marijuana. I was shortsighted in my thinking, and I was wrong." He explained that it is important to replace "misleading and intimidating rhetoric" with the facts, pointing out that industrial hemp "is not a drug, and never was."

"Hemp as a Potentially Important Crop and Area of Research"
Analysis of the uses and value of industrial hemp, a research paper presented by NAIHC founding member Dr. Shelby F. Thames of The Univesity of Southern Mississippi, Thames-Rawlins Research Group.

NAIHC Honorary Members
Individuals Awarded Honorary Lifetime NAIHC Membership to Recognize their Achievements and Contributions toward the Re-introduction of Industrial Hemp as a Major Crop in North America.

"From Petro to Agro: Seeds of a New Economy" by Robert E. Armstrong. In Defense Horizons, published by the Center for Technology and National Security Policy at  the National Defense University, Dr. Armstrong writes that: "Today, the hydrocarbon molecule is the basic unit of commerce. In a biobased economy, genes will replace petroleum. So, just as we currently demand assured access to sources of hydrocarbon molecules (oil), in the near future we will demand assured access to a broad-based, diverse supply of genes (plants and animals). This shift has security implications."

NAIHC Annual Membership Meeting
NAIHC 9th Annual Membership Meeting October 27th, 2004.

First U.S. Industrial Hemp Harvest Since 1958
On the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, farmer Alex White Plume has harvested industrial hemp for shipment to the Madison Hemp & Flax Co. of Lexington KY. The Global Hemp News web site features this and other industrial hemp news stories for August.

Global Hemp News - June Updates On-Line
The latest updates include data on the hemp industry in Europe, showing 20 to 30 companies processing hemp, and a report on the BioComposites Centre at the University of Wales.

San Francisco Chronicle: End Hemp Ban
Following a federal appeals court ruling which postponed a U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration ban on food products containing hemp seed or hemp oil, a March 12 Chronicle editorial called for "lifting the U.S. ban on hemp cultivation." The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit will hear arguments for and against the proposed ban on Monday, April 8 in San Francisco.

U.S. DEA Site out of Date on Hemp
Despite the federal appeals court ruling in San Francisco postponing the DEA ban, U.S. DEA's Web site still lists March 18th as the deadline for removing hemp foods from store shelves.

DEA Ruling Challenges Hemp Imports
Los Angeles Times article on Kenex response: "Canadian supplier, claiming the ban violates NAFTA provision, threatens to sue the U.S. Government."

Hemp Yields for Fiber and Energy?
"How much fiber does hemp produce per acre, compared to trees?" "Is hemp a viable energy source?" If you've got answers to these questions from readers, please visit our Q&A page.

Global Hemp News - March Updates On-Line
The latest updates include articles on the growing commercial importance of industrial hemp -- not only in the U.S but in Ireland and elsewhere around the world.

Global Hemp News - Battling DEA Ban
The latest updates include several articles on the battle over the proposed DEA ban on hemp products: "Canadian supplier, claiming the ban violates NAFTA provision, threatens to sue the U.S. government" from the Los Angeles Times, "Canadian Company Will Sue To Prove Hemp is Not Pot," from Environment News Service, and others.

Global Hemp News - January Issue On-Line
Latest articles include one on HempDove Racing: "The beauty of hemp; if you were growing it for fiber, and there was a market shift, you still have a paper crop, oil crop, seed crop, or cellulose crop as well as a crop that can be stored till the market shifts again. Its diversity in the market is matched only by petroleum .. . "

HempWood Finishing Oil for Paint Industry
Hempola Valley Farms officially has launched its first hempseed oil based industrial product: HempWood. It's a pure, natural and safe finishing oil, primarily used for different wood applications.

"Industrial Hemp Viable Crop"
From Global Hemp News, Aberdeen American News editorial by Adrian Pratt, Publisher of the American News: "As the absurdity of the current laws banning hemp become more and more apparent, this debate will arise more frequently until logic - and new laws - prevail. . ."

Latest from Global Hemp News
Among the GHN site's new stories, this from Arizona's Tucson Weekly: "With an American flag made of hemp in the background, two conservative Republican lawmakers said on Halloween they would push to allow the state's universities to research industrial hemp as a cash crop in Arizona."

Kentucky Industrial Hemp Commission Report
Kentucky Post article: The Commission is focused on developing industrial hemp as a cash crop, but finds an array of state and federal laws standing in the way.

Global Hemp News Coverage
Among the GHN site's new stories, this: "Although organic cotton remains the most popular option, hemp is being widely hailed as the future organic fabric. Believed to have been around for more than 10,000 years, it is not only the world’s strongest natural fiber, it is pesticide free, needs less water to grow than cotton and is ideal for use in organic crop rotation."

DEA Hemp Rules - Another Perspective
Summary Provided by the Colorado Hemp Initiative Project, with a variety of useful links to the DEA documents, with information on submitting comments.

New DEA Proposed Hemp Rules
60-Day Deadline for DEA Hemp Rule Comments
The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has announced new Rules and Proposed Rules for "hemp" in the Oct. 9 Federal Register. These interpretive and interim rules, effective immediately, ban hemp food products that use ingredients (hemp seed/oil) with any THC and require hemp body care companies to file for exemptions with DEA to secure hemp oil imports.

Hemp food companies are given a 120-day grace period to dispose of inventories, and all consumption is immediately banned. Interested parties including the general public along with hemp-product companies are given 60 days to comment on the new rules. As well as filing formal comments with DEA, interested parties can contact their senators and members of Congress to present their views on the new rules.
The DEA states in 01-25024: "DATES: This interim rule is effective October 9, 2001. Comments must be received by DEA on or before December 10, 2001. If DEA determines based on any comments received that a modification of this interim rule is warranted, such modification will be specified in the final rule. As set forth in this document, a grace period is being provided for persons to dispose of existing inventories of "hemp'' products that are not exempted from control under this interim rule. Any person who, as of October 9, 2001, possesses a THC-containing hemp product not exempted from control under this interim rule has until February 6, 2002 to dispose of such product in the manner described in this document."

New DEA Proposed Hemp Rules
From The Hemp Report: The Drug Enforcement Administration has published the Rules and Proposed Rules for "hemp" in the Oct. 9 Federal Register - with links to the Federal Register documents and to other industrial hemp stories.

Hemp Yields for Fiber and Energy?
"How much fiber does hemp produce per acre, compared to trees?" "Is hemp a viable energy source?" If you've got answers to these questions from readers, please visit our Q&A page.

MSNBC Tells Industrial Hemp Story
In a feature story on the DEA destruction of an Ogala Sioux hemp field, MSNBC explains: "So-called industrial hemp, which lacks pot’s chemical potency, has been used for centuries in everything from clothing to lip balm. Marijuana usually has at least 5 percent or more of the hallucinogen tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), but industrial hemp contains less than 1 percent — far from enough to give even a mild high. And while marijuana remains illegal in most countries, the industrial hemp movement has gained momentum in recent years. . ."

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